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6-stall Shower Trailer

Our 6-shower trailer is the ideal floorplan for small to medium sized groups that require just showers and have low to medium traffic.  This is our basic no-frills unit but still has private shower stalls and changing areas.  Also this is our smallest footprint trailer for situations where parking a large trailer might not work.  This unit has very low power requirements too, running on just 1-2 standard outlets.  The 6 stall trailer fits your budget and your parking lot!.

Some of the features of the 6-shower trailer include:

  • Individual private shower stalls with hot/cold adjustable water
  • 3 front/3 rear showers to divide mens/womens if necessary
  • Private changing areas with bench
  • Multiple clothing and towels hooks in each stall
  • Powered ventilation fans in each area (no AC or heat)
  • Bright LED lighting 
  • No slip rubber flooring throughout trailer
  • Porch lighting and handrails at the entrances